Know Your Favorite Investors

Earnings Board is a website that uses past performance to rank investors. 
Using the current picks from these top investors we can create a list of stocks that are likely to be profitable.
Anyone can sign up and pick stocks to also be tracked and ranked
Opinions and advanced buy types are coming soon
Our Story

When I began investing, I looked at Reddit, Twitter, Youtube, and Discord for potential stocks to purchase. I quickly figured out that some of these investors averaged significantly higher returns than others. I wanted a website to rank this data so I know who I'm investing with.


We have a team that inputs data on top investors from Youtube, Reddit, and Discord. We then average their return, and the total number of stocks purchased. This data then gets used to rank investors.

How it works

Investor Ranking

We rank investors on a number of metrics including average return %, average portfolio % used, and the number of trades the investor has done. The exact formula can be found here: 

Stock Picking

We spent huge amounts of time working the formulas to rank stocks. We weight the stock based on the number of investors it has (on EB), the index score for each investor, and the average price the stock has been bought at.